Tuesday, January 16, 2018

First - Get Organized.

So much of social media and blogging right now is all about getting organized after the holidays. 
I feel inspired to purge, paint and organize at the start of the year. 

I'm off to a slow start because I missed the first several days of 2018 
because I had the plague :(
No kidding - worst flu or whatever. Ever.

But back to organizing.
I bought a faux bamboo china cabinet a couple of years ago. 
From seeing it online to texting the seller to loading it in my husbands truck 
was about an hour and a half. 
I do not mess around.

Did we need a china cabinet?

The plan was always to put it in the Master Bathroom!
Yep, you read that right.
We do not have a linen closet or any storage space in the MB but we had a good sized L-shaped layout that would accommodate a big bamboo china cabinet.
My husband was less sure about this plan but we loaded it up, got rid of the cigarette smoke smell and carried it up to the MB.

And then a coat of fabulous coral deliciousness!
Sherwin Williams Ravishing Coral. 
And suddenly that dingy yellow-y cream china cabinet was ravishing.

I wanted the openness of the glass doors so I started collecting every wicker and rattan suitcase I could find. They all came from yard sales and thrift shops 
and not one cost over $5.00.
They hold a multitude of not pretty items and are easy to pull in and out. 

There are stacks of towels and a few decorative items but mostly 
there is just storage for all those odds and ends that are necessary in a bathroom.

This is one of my favorite storage solutions ever- china cabinet turned linen closet.

See more of this Master Bathroom here,

Thursday, January 4, 2018

Happy 2018!

I say this all the time and it's probably trite and overused to some of you but...
It really is "the little things" that get us through the hour, the day, the week, life, if we choose to find the joy in them. 
So I'm going to be focusing on the little things in my life that make my day, hour, minute sing.
And try to remember to share them with you. Here. This year.

So, one of the first "little things" that made me happy in 2018 was an image from my January 2018 Southern Living. It technically arrived in 2017 but I didn't open it until after the holidays. 
And half the blogs in the world have been "recapping" the article or analyzing or whatever. In my opinion it doesn't require any commentary. It's fabulous and I want to live in this room. Every day.
Here is the image - I know you've seen it by now :)

It is the home of designer Allison Allen from Atlanta.
(I love alliteration, too!)

But what caught my eye and made me smile was the white mirror on white wall action!!

If you remember this was a major decision in my last One Room Challenge and I'm still loving it at my house and I'm feeling pretty excited that this room that has gone viral has that same element.

Here is my white mirror on my white wall.
Freshened up for January with a fern in a freshly polished brass container.
(You can see the mirror's Christmas look here.)

Saturday, December 30, 2017

Best Nine

Wrapping up 2017 with the my Best Nine from Instagram
It's interesting to see what has gotten the most "likes" and attention in social media.

It's also interesting that they are probably not the nine
 I would say were my "best" of the year.
They don't include family or friends or time we spent together (except for a sweet photo of Chloe and Mollie near the end of our time with Chloe) or any of my travels to work in emerging countries or high risk areas here in the US. 
I think these are some of my "best" times.

I guess these are my "prettiest" nine  :)

A new endeavor for Mollie and me this year was a booth at Westside Market in Atlanta. 
You can follow along on Instagram to see what the latest and greatest is in our booth!
This is our Best Nine from Elizabeth and Payne and it is obviously all about the bamboo, blue and white and chinoiserie!

Thank you for following along in 2017.
Wishing everyone a fabulous 2018!!

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Christmas Tour-ish Part Two

If you are just getting here and are wondering what a "tour-ish" is then catch up here!

Today's tour-ish is of the Family Room and Kitchen. 

We got our decorating completed early for a little gathering that Mollie and I co-host each year. We have a "Get Merry with Mimosas" brunch on the first Saturday of December. It kicks off the season in a good way - with family and friends, motivates us to clean and decorate early, lets us spend time with people who get busier and busier as the month goes on and results in us being less hurried later on. Our decorating is completed - and let's face it, if the party was later in the month I'd be decorating up to the last minute!

A little bonus to this "tour-ish" is that we had
 a very unusual, unexpected 8 inches of snow in the South. 
So, probably for the first time ever, I have snow pictures at Christmas!!

This is a LOT of snow for Georgia. And rare in December!

(The huge Sycamore in the backyard after dark on Friday night!)

So it was very pretty outside. And quiet. Not a creature was stirring.

Now back inside:
Here is the Family Room full of friends at our Get Merry with Mimosas Party!
(and that weekend it was 68 degrees!! Then snow the next!)

(Cute girls but please notice I painted my ugly fireplace brick white and it looks so good!)

This room is not easy to photograph. 
The morning light is very bright as you can see and then it's dark by noon :(

We brought our trees back from our Thanksgiving trip to VA.
They look smaller in the "wild." :)
This one is pretty big - we had to trim. A lot.

Last year we only got lights on the tree before our Mimosa Brunch
 and never went back and added anything else!

This year we got glass ball ornaments on it!

Notice how fabulous they look with animal print.

Maybe next year we will get to the "family" ornaments we have collected through the years. #goals

The tree is really the main decoration in our family room each year. 

We do have fresh greenery and palmetto fans on the mantle
 and a few things tucked here and there.
 But not much.
 So much daily living goes on in there that there isn't room for much more!

(FYI  I talk about drapes for the family room all. the. time.  So far - nothing)

(Early Christmas present - blue and white garden stool from my hubby.
Opened early so I could have it at our Mimosa Party!)

The kitchen is fairly minimal as well.
 I use wreaths to give the kitchen it's Christmas cheer.

And we have a second tree on the back porch 
with lots and lots of colored lights in all shapes and sizes. 

Anything goes back here :)

A jingle bell wreath on the back door get a lot of movement so lots of angels get their wings...
"Every time a bell rings an angel gets her wings."  ZuZu Bailey  It's A Wonderful Life

Please excuse the tarped-for-Winter furniture outside on the porch.
 I should have uncovered it for photos but you know, life.)

(I recovered my chairs before the Mimosa party! I love this fabric, Ming Dragon I believe. It was supposed to be used in the last One Room Challenge but got scratched at the last minute. Perfect on these chairs!!)

 I love wreaths and bows and they do not usurp counter space
 so that works in our busy kitchen.

Bowls and bowls of Christmas candy are a must. 

Speaking of busy- my stove top is never, ever as clean as I would like during the holidays 
so I have a quick fix! 
I have a cookie sheet with really cute "faux" gingerbread men on it! 
I actually made this for a Junior League Christmas Showhouse 
that I was part of a few years ago. 
It comes in handy though!

That's about it for our Christmas "Tour-ish." So, we wish you a merry Christmas from our house to yours :)


Thursday, December 14, 2017

Favorite Holiday Images...

... from around the web and social media. 
sort of a Holiday version of my sporadic iphone dumps on here!

I love this cheerful, eclectic room all ready for Christmas. 
You can just tell that it's going to be fun!

I, and about a zillion other people, love this view of  
Maura Endres home decorated for the holidays. 

Below is part of the pile of Gift Cards that the kiddos in my youth group collected for
 the Toy Shoppe at our local homeless shelter. 
They chose places that kids their age would want!

Blue and white, candy cane striped candles, decadent white fur and colorful ornaments.
 I love this from Andrea at Opulent Cottage. 

These are some of my youth kiddos racing to find out exactly how many gifts were given during the 12 Days of Christmas. There was some serious math going on.
 I promise there was a Sunday School lesson buried in there!

This image was taken by my friend Handel. Click over to his instagram to see the photos he takes (last weeks snow in GA) and to read his story. He graduates from college this week. 
I met him as a young boy when I was on a mission trip to Haiti. He survived the earthquake, was sent to the states barely speaking any English holding a phone number to call an aunt who didn't know he was coming, ended up moving to GA to live with my friends who knew his parents from mission work, enters an American High School where my daughter is called to the office to give him his welcome tour (they did not know each other before this), picks up photography, plays the piano beautifully, graduates HS and goes to college at Dalton State.
 This week he is front page news in Dalton!!
Life is a crazy ride!

The next two images are from Amanda Louise
She had a POP UP Shop in Greenville SC and I wish I had been there. 
Everything looked amazing.

And I do not "do Winter" very well so this sweatshirt caught my eye. 
I am living in fuzzy socks and drinking hot tea like crazy. 
And I'm in the Deep South.
I'm a chicken/whiner/crybaby when it comes to the cold. 

I'm like a pinball machine when it comes to what catches my eye!
Please share your favorite holiday images!! 

Friday, December 8, 2017

Bamboo Friday Down Under Edition

One of the things I love best about the internet and social media is being able to "follow" people from everywhere and anywhere. 

I found @AnnaSpiro years before her book hit the US and I've stalked her ever since!!
Well, Anna Spiro has a new website
 and it's full of new images!!

So we are going "down under" for this Bamboo Friday.

Look at those great blue and white and bamboo chairs and that chunky table they are paired with. 
And that is the grandaddy of all gallery walls.

The chairs. The coffee table!

A girl after my own heart - stick a little bamboo table in anywhere you can :)

Not strictly bamboo but what a great table at this beach house. 

And this room is too fabulous. I'm not sure I can see any bamboo in this picture but who cares? It's an amazing room and there probably is a bamboo piece in there somewhere. 
Anna Spiro uses vintage bamboo in many of her spaces.

I hope she keeps the images coming - I love her new website and updates to her portfolio.